08 September 2015

Police Blotter: Assaults, Suspicious Activitry, and Trespassing

Officers investigated an alleged assault between two long-term roommates, one of whom said he had been struck in the face when the two argued about who got to use the bathroom. No charges were filed.

Suspicious Person/Activity
A drunk whom officers contacted after he was reported to be in the middle of the roadway began wailing and keening while officers were trying to ascertain his identity. He was allowed to toddle off once officers confirmed he had no warrants.

Criminal Trespass
The drunk toddled to the Unisea docks and planted himself in a doorway from which he initially refused to leave. [He] finally left the doorway and wandered into the processing plant, at which point he was arrested for Criminal Trespass II.

Officers were flagged down at a bar regarding a fight over a girl, and learned that one patron hit another; the second patron then tackled the first. Patron #1 fled and was not identified. Patron #2 was asked to leave for the night.

Suspicious Person/Activity
A man well known to officers claimed that a collection of his good drinking buddies had been planning to harm him, so he absconded from the residence in which they were all gathered with the homeowner’s shoes. Officers contacted the various suspects and found nothing to corroborate the man’s claims.

Officers responding to a reported fistfight found the two combatants, one of whom had a bloody nose, hugging one another in the living room. Both parties admitted to having punched one another but neither had an interest in pursuing charges.

Domestic Disturbance
One of today’s earlier combatants returned to the scene of his crime and refused to leave after the homeowner demanded he do so. [The man] was arrested for Criminal Trespass I after he plopped himself down in a lawn chair and told an officer he wouldn’t leave.


Chickenmom said...

I think that Mr. toddler was really hoping to spend the night in a warm jail cell.

Rev. Paul said...

You're probably right, ma'am. I'm equally certain that the officers had no intention of listening to that "keening and wailing" all night while the alcohol wore off, though.