29 September 2015

Prepare to Be Angry

From our friends at the JPFO:

Visit Kit Daniels on Twitter. September 28th 2015

This may or should anger everyone. We have a school getting kids to answer questions on their "Hawk Gun Survey 2015", which frankly are invasive in the extreme. Are schools really stooping now to such low levels.

Go to the link above or this one -- Visit Kit Daniels on Twitter where you will see the Twitter entry. The document is presented there and can be enlarged a bit. However, quality makes it hard to read. Therefore, click on the thumbnail here to see an enhanced version which should be readable. Prepare to be amazed.

Or angry. Very, very angry at this dangerous example of overreach. And this from a high school in Pflugerville, Texas, of all places.


Sandy said...

Rev. Paul,


Tewshooz said...

I have been angry for a long time.

SENIOR said...

I would really like to say some terrible things right about now, but I think I should refrain at the present moment.

drjim said...

I constantly remind my wife that we have NO guns at home.....

Rev. Paul said...

Sandy, it's unfortunate, but in this day & age, I believe it quite easily.

Tewshooz, understood. Many of us share that emotion.

Senior, since I was also in the Navy, I can only say, "I appreciate it, Senior Chief." :)

Jim, that's probably the safest answer.

Guffaw in AZ said...

My initial reaction is to respond "None of your F$^&*^$#g business!"
But that probably would only fuel the fire...

I had a great doctor for a short time, who gave me forms asking about my gun ownership.
I changed doctors.


Rev. Paul said...

Understood, Guffaw. I intend to ask, if it ever comes up, "Exactly what is your qualification and level of expertise with firearms? If none, why should I answer your question?"

I see no point in letting an invasion of privacy go unchallenged. They need to realize what it is they're being asked to do by Big Brother.

If they don't change, then I change doctors.