18 February 2016

Police Blotter:

Suspicious Person/Activity
A caller reported someone knocking on his door at a late hour. Officers responded and saw an individual, matching the description given, running away from the area. Officers contacted the individual who denied being in the area where the officers had just seen him. The besotted individual was warned about knocking on doors at late hours.

Officers attempted to capture a small, gray, fluffy, dog that had been running in the roadway. The dog was able to elude the attempts and escaped into the tundra.
 That right there's your famous "small dog at large". :)
Suspicious Person/Activity
Caller reported an erratic driver. An officer contacted the driver, who said his truck hood would not latch properly and he was driving slowly and moving to the right when traffic approached, as he made his way to the auto repair shop.

Assistance Rendered
Unisea Security requested assistance with a drunk in the lobby of the Grand Aleutian Hotel. An officer retrieved the drunk's phone, which he had left on the vessel from which he had recently been fired, in order that the drunk might make arrangements to pay for a room for the night.

PC Alcohol
Another drunk, this one urinating in front of the Safeway employee who had asked him to leave, was taken into protective custody after an officer determined he was unable to care for himself.

Two taxi drivers called each other bad names and directed rude gestures at one another. One driver believed the exchange was over allegations of stealing fares; the other driver believed it was due to parking in a handicapped parking space. The responding officer asked the two drivers to handle their business problems like adults.

Ambulance Request
EMS personnel provided care and transport for a man who had been struck in the back with a 35-kg block of frozen fish.
 And there's a good case of "What, but not why?" I'd love to know the rest of the story.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

"The responding officer asked the two drivers to handle their business problems like adults."

Optimistic officer, don't you think?

Rev. Paul said...

Given the entirety of the Blotter, perhaps "delusional" is a better word for it. :)

Old NFO said...

Delusional or DTs... Take your choice...LOL

M.E. Masterson said...

I enjoyed reading this...great with coffee..little warm going out my nostrils as I read this morning.
I used to love getting these clippings from my friends little town...the best one I remember was an ad that read...To whom it may concern ...today my wife is gone, my furniture is gone, my kids are gone, my cat is gone and my dog is gone. I am sad my life is changing but if ya wouldn't mind could bring my dog back?

Rev. Paul said...

NFO - I wasn't going to go that far, but I'm not surprised someone else did. :)

M.E.M. - Glad you liked it. And that's a great story ... LOL!