04 April 2016

Police Blotter: Spring Fever and a Knighthood Falsehood

Officers responded to assist in a domestic situation in which a married couple was tired of arguing all the time and thought they should get a divorce Officers assured that there was no crime committed and suggested the two not talk until they are calmer.

Welfare Check
Dispatch received a suspicious phone call from local residence and requested a welfare check.  Officers found two inebriated women, one of which reported she wanted to die.  Suicidal subject was removed from the residence and brought to Public Safety.

Officers responded to what was reported as a physical altercation in progress. Officers found both husband and wife on the ground yelling and screaming with two onlookers nearby. The inebriated couple reported that an unknown white male assaulted the husband as they exited a taxi resulting in the wife receiving an eye injury while attempting to intervene.

Officers assisted for a request to trespass an intoxicated individual who became unruly, punching windows, and cussing at staff after filming a comedic act.

Officer observed a maroon Dodge Van flipped upside down on the sidewalk of the northbound lane on Airport beach Road btw Public Safety and the South Channel Bridge.  The driver sustained minor injuries.  [The driver], 44 years old, was arrested for DUI.

Suspicious Person
A false report of an individual in possession of a side arm was reported at the local lounge by a man who claimed to be knighted by the Queen of England. The gentleman and his two coworkers later started shouting at each other. An officer advised the inebriated parties to go to their separate rooms and warned them he didn’t want to get a call back for them.

Disorderly Conduct
An employee off of the F/V Gordon Jensen was reportedly behaving erratically. Officers attempted to converse with the individual but he walked away. Two officers and two other Gordon Jenson employees retrained him while he attempted to bite an officer’s leg.


threecollie said...

Knights in white.....vodka maybe? lol BTW, you have our weather and we have yours.

Rev. Paul said...

threecollie, I noticed the weather patterns. Ours has cooled a bit, but it's still 10 degrees too warm.

I like that "knights in white vodka" bit. :)

Well Seasoned Fool said...

"An employee off of the F/V Gordon Jensen was reportedly behaving erratically"

A commercial fisherman behaving erratically? Stop the Presses!!!

Rev. Paul said...

It's completely out of character, I know, but it's Chi-Town ...er, Unalaska.