22 March 2016

Police Blotter: Intoxication, Trespass, and the Usual Suspects

No, I'm not going to post about the despicable and cowardly bombings in Brussels.

All I'll say about that is this: if you have the legal right to carry a weapon, and you're NOT doing so, then you aren't paying attention.

* * * * *

Woman reported some perfume had been stolen from her room, date unknown, at some point after she lost her room keys, date also unknown. No suspects were identified.

Criminal Mischief/Trespass
Caller reported that man no longer welcome on his property had broken two uninstalled windows while retrieving his personal property from the residence. The unwelcome man admitted to breaking the windows, and also stated that the windows belonged to him. Said man was cited for trespass, per the homeowner's request.

[A man], 38 yoa, of Kodiak, was arrested on charges of Assault IV after he activated a fire extinguisher and sprayed it in a man's face from only a short distance away.

Welfare Check
Officers responded to a residence from which a call, which much hubbub and uproar in the background, had been received. Officers found several drunks, one of whom the homeowner did not wish to have on his property. The woman left without incident.

Suspicious Person/Activity
A number of unopened beers, believed to have been dropped by a drunken woman who had recently passed through the area, were found in the high school parking lot. Officers seized the alcohol and disposed of it.

Drunken Disturbance
An extremely inebriated caller requested an individual be removed from his residence. Officers responded and observed the individual in question leaving the residence.

Library employee called to report an inebriated person harassing patrons at the library. The employee requested the inebriated person be contacted and advised that they are trespassed from the library for a period of 24 hours. Officers responded, contacted the suspect and advised him of the trespass. The suspect left shortly thereafter.

Domestic Disturbance
Officers responded to a residence wherein a mother wished to have her adult son evicted because he had been in her face. An officer advised the woman she could not force her son to leave his home. The mother expressed her displeasure by slamming the door in the officer's face.

Welfare Check
Caller reported that he wanted his adult sons removed from his house for drinking inside the house after being told not to. After being advised that the police could not remove known residents from their place of residence, the caller asked for a welfare check on his sons. They were found to be well, albeit intoxicated.


Old NFO said...

The usual suspects, doing the usual things... Sigh

Rev. Paul said...

True enough, sir. It's hard to find unique displays of drunkenness - although, clearly, they haven't stopped trying. :)